Friday, February 8, 2013

New Ideas for Registers and Checkouts

Cash registers and and POS systems (Point of Sale systems) are the main cash boxes anymore for many businesses including restaurants, bars, grocery stores, coffee shops, retail stores, and other businesses. Far from the old, simple calculator styles that mechanical registers would perform, these new POS systems perform a multitude of functions including invoicing, inventory, and cost averaging. These functions are essential for business owners that are very busy and need help making managerial work concise and simple.

Taking the abilities of today's POS systems a step further, Volante Systems, a leader in the POS industry is using the most advanced technology in point of sale solutions. Coupling iPads and iPhones with an internal system of printers, servers, and other equipment, sales can be performed using only a phone or a tablet. This not only makes it easy for servers, waiters, cashiers, and salespeople to enter information, products or items sold, process credit cards, and track sales, but also offers a stylish way to engage your customers.

To learn more about POS systems, the apple products that can be used as a register, or for advice on upgrading your sales terminals, visit

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Courier Services and More

You might be surprised to hear that certain courier and shipping companies not only ship packages and letters, but offer a wide array of other services as well. We often think that a shipping company is just a shipping company, but their are a few companies out there that go the extra mile and offer additional services to offer their customers a one-stop-shop for everything logistics.

Courier Connection, an Atlanta shipping company, ships packages and manages many aspects of its customers logistics. The company's Twilight Services deliver packages and letters in the middle of the night, beneficial for companies that work graveyard-shift hours. The Courier Connection Helicopter Transport services are a perfect service for the medical industry, where specimen delivery is time-sensitive and cannot afford delays.

In addition to all of the business-affiliated programs and services offered, Courier Connection is driven toward meeting the needs of individual customers as well. Whether you are shipping one package a year, or several hundred per week, Courier Connection offers shipping expertise, and friendly customer care.